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Hoy me he topado en los foros oficiales con unas dudas sobre cuando usar una u otra habilidad, me ha parecido interesante por lo que procedo a explicar un poco ambas.
Spellcraft (Int: Trained Only)
You are skilled at the art of casting spells, identifying magic items, crafting magic items, and identifying spells
as they are being cast.
Check: Spellcraft is used whenever your knowledge and skill of the technical art of casting a spell or crafting a magic item comes into question. This skill is also used to identify the properties of magic items in your possession through the use of spells such as detect magic and identify. The DC of this check varies depending upon the task at hand.

Knowledge (Int: Trained Only)
You are educated in a field of study and can answer both simple and complex questions. Like the Craft, Perform, and Profession skills, Knowledge actually encompasses a number of different specialties. Below are listed typical fields of study.
Arcana (ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, constructs, dragons, magical beasts)
Como veis la descripción de "Knowledge(Arcana)" es algo vaga, de ahí vienen algunas de las dudas. En los foros oficiales uno de los escritores del juego ha añadido el siguiente comentario:
Knowledge (arcana) is used in Pathfinder to identify spell effects and auras and spells. This skill is the applied knowledge of magic, and covers things like identifying existing spells and knowing what spells are and do.

Spellcraft is more "hands on" in that it is used by spellcasters to actually do magic stuff, be it learn a new spell, build magic items, identify magic items, decipher scrolls, and the like.

There's a little bit of crossover here between the two skills, but for the most part Spellcraft's the skill you'd use to actually "Craft Spell Stuff," while Knowledge (arcana) is the skill you'd use to "Know Stuff about magic."
Posteriormente concretó ademas lo siguiente respecto a identificar conjuros/efectos:
Identifying a spell that's being cast requires Spellcraft (since that assumes a knowledge of actual spellcasting, not just theory), while Knowledge (arcana) is used to know about spell effects already in place.
Many spell effects are not observable without detect magic, but for any effect that IS visible or observable, you wouldn't need detect magic to make an identification check.
  • Spellcraft: Identificar conjuros que están siendo lanzados, identificar objetos mágicos, crear objetos mágicos, descifrar pergaminos y en general cualquier actividad que requiera uso de magia.
  • Knowledge(Arcana): Identificar efectos y auras de conjuros ya lanzados, conocimiento sobre los distintos conjuros (que hacen y que características tienen). A parte sería un conocimiento mágico histórico: antiguos misterios mágicos, tradiciones mágicas, simbolos arcanos, criaturas mágicas, etc.
"Spellcraft" es por tanto una habilidad orientada al conocimiento del uso de la magia y "Knowledge(Arcana)" al conocimiento teórico e histórico de la misma.

Cualquier duda como siempre comentadla en este post.

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