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Revisando algunas reglas acabo de encontrar algo que estuvimos haciendo mal en nuestras pruebas los últimos días. Los conjuros que requieren un "Ranged Touch Attack" provocan ataque de oportunidad independientemente de si el conjuro relacionado se lanza de forma defensiva ("Cast Defensively"). La explicación está en la página 186 (Capítulo "Combat"):

Ranged Touch Spells in Combat
Some spells allow you to make a ranged touch attack as part of the casting of the spell. These attacks are made as part of the spell and do not require a separate action. Ranged touch attacks provoke an attack of opportunity, even if the spell that causes the attacks was cast defensively. Unless otherwise noted, ranged touch attacks cannot be held until a later turn.

La matización sobre el hecho de que es el propio "Ranged Touch Attack" el que provoca el ataque de oportunidad y no el conjuro se debe a que en el caso de conjuros que requieren un "Touch Attack" (sin ser a distancia) es el conjuro el que provoca el ataque de oportunidad y no el "Touch Attack". Lo podemos ver en la página 185 (Capítulo "Combat"):

Touch Spells in Combat
Many spells have a range of touch. To use these spells, you cast the spell and then touch the subject. In the same round that you cast the spell, you may also touch (or attempt to touch) as a free action. You may take your move before casting the spell, after touching the target, or between casting the spell and touching the target. You can automatically touch one friend or use the spell on yourself, but to touch an opponent, you must succeed on an attack roll.
Touch Attacks
Touching an opponent with a touch spell is considered to be an armed attack and therefore does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The act of casting a spell, however, does provoke an attack of opportunity. Touch attacks come in two types: melee touch attacks and ranged touch attacks. You can score critical hits with either type of attack as long as the spell deals damage. Your opponent’s AC against a touch attack does not include any armor bonus, shield bonus, or natural armor bonus. His size modifier, Dexterity modifier, and def lection bonus (if any) all apply normally.

Resumiendo pues, un conjuro que requiera un "Ranged Touch Attack" siempre provoca un ataque de oportunidad, mientras que un conjuro que requiera un "Touch Attack" provocará dicho ataque o no en función de si el conjuro es lanzado de forma defensiva.
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